Sunday, 30 August 2015

[NEWS] Project 971 Shuka-B

I decided to recreate the modern submarines with nuclear technology. The first project from the Shuka-B I am now slowly shaping. The mod is scheduled to October. Here is a hint of this great Russian submarine.

The Project 971 Shuka-B attack submarine multi-purpose submarine is capable of strikes against groups of hostile ships and against coastal installations. Designated the "Akula" class by the West, the submarine is officially designated Project 971 Shuka B (shuka is an aggressive breed of fresh water pike). Some 110 meters long, the Akula is double-hulled with considerable distance between the outer and inner hulls to reduce the possible damage to the inner hull.

I am very attracted by the Russian military technology. Mzzi have these really wonderful and you can access it GTA San Andreas would drive anyone crazy.


  1. This Seems To Be Awesome , Good Luck on your Work !!!

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