Friday, 28 October 2016

Mil-Mi 24D Hind from COD Series

The Mil Mi-24 (Russian: Миль Ми-24; NATO reporting name: Hind) is a large helicopter gunship, attack helicopter and low-capacity troop transport with room for eight passengers. It is produced by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and has been operated since 1972 by the Soviet Air Force and its successors, along with more than 30 other nations.

In NATO circles, the export versions, Mi-25 and Mi-35, are denoted with a letter suffix as "Hind D" and "Hind E". Soviet pilots called the Mi-24 the "flying tank" (летающий танк; letayushchiy tank), a term used historically with the famous World War II Soviet Il-2 Shturmovik armored ground attack aircraft. More common unofficial nicknames were "Crocodile" (Крокодил; Krokodil), due to the helicopter's camouflage scheme and "Drinking Glass" (Стакан; Stakan), because of the flat glass plates that surround earlier Mi-24 variants' cockpits.


-3D model original CoD (Model by SkylineGTRFreak)
-Texture HQ (3 complete texture from COD MW/Black Ops) Activision credits
-Custom LOD
-Custom COL
-Working all Rotor


Thursday, 27 October 2016

[REL] APCMV RS-1 Predator

Finally, the RS-1 Predator, is shown for the first time. Today this post marks a great day thanks to the collaboration of the Stealth Industries who has worked with me to make this very special vehicle.
Of course, thanks also goes to Automan who helped us in this project.

The RS-1 Predator is a APCMV (Armored Personal Carrier Modular Vehicle) 8x8 feature multirole military conception, produced by Stealth Industries.

The main function of APCMV is given by a tower with main function to bring down armored vehicles with protective sibling or higher, using functions such as sensors and Night Infrared, such type of engagement. Different from high APC or IFV, The RS-1 is capable of providing fire support or direct attack. Thanks to a sophisticated 20mm HE. It has an excellent protection against enemy fire and anti-tank mines and explosives as much as 10 kilograms of TNT. This APCMV is equipped with a great mobility in any soil.  Thanks to the hydraulic configuration that allows it to continue even in the absence of wheels and axles that support it.

Functionality of the  25mm HE cannon.

The RS-1 is armed with the latest generation of cannon, cutting edge. Thanks to the pointing sensor. you can hit vehicles from long distances. The excellent aims created the vehicle makes its efficient shots, with precise aims.

Amphibious capabilities.

The RS-1 is designed to operate in soils with the presence of rivers or lakes, it is also possible to wade into the sea to the descent from hovercraft carrying vehicles.

The thermal and night vision goggles, are given a kit RS-1 so that it can operate in any type of terrain.

Authors: Battlezone Mod- Stealth Industries-Automan


-3D Model Excellent
-Texture HD
-Working 8 Wheels (Thanks Automan)
-Working Cannon
-Custom COL
-Working Light
-Custom Handling
-New functions (Thermal Vision - Night Vision - Amphibian)

[WIP] New Helicopter

Coming Soon

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Unreal Graphics Timecyc

New Timecyc project.

The Unreal Graphics Timecyc, is very good for low pc. With a realistic graphics.

Made by Alex Wollas

Sunday, 16 October 2016

[Announced] RS-1 PREDATOR APC

Finally we give the biggest news. The YRS-1 is ready. Missing small corrections and is operational.
We chose the name of RS-1 Predator. This APC, is revolutionary, we have added many features to make it one of a kind. It will be also created a page where it will be described in detail. In addition you will find a manual archive to work perfectly with the medium, with a detailed guide to its functions. We can not release images, because we're still finishing the project.

Stay tuned, we're working on a teaser presentation, so you can present the best, this project.

Monday, 10 October 2016


The M48 Patton is a main battle tank (MBT) that was designed in the United States. It was the third tank to be officially named after General George S. Patton, commander of the U.S. Third Army during World War II and one of the earliest American advocates for the use of tanks in battle. It was a further development of the M47 Patton tank. The M48 Patton was in U.S. service until replaced by the M60 and served as the U.S. Army and Marine Corps's primary battle tank in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It was widely used by U.S. Cold War allies, especially other NATO countries.


-3D model good details
-Texture HQ
-Custom Col
-Working Cannon and Turret

Saturday, 1 October 2016

[REL] Challenger 2 + Enfield L85A2 + INSAS Rifle

The FV4034 Challenger 2 is a British main battle tank (MBT) in service with the armies of the United Kingdom and Oman. It was designed and built by the British company Vickers Defence Systems (now known as BAE Systems Land & Armaments). The Challenger 2 is equipped with a 120-millimetre (4.7 in) 55-calibre long L30A1 tank gun, The successor to the L11 gun used on the Chieftain and Challenger 1. Uniquely among NATO main battle tank armament, the L30A1 is rifled, because the British Army continues to place a premium on the use of High-explosive squash head (HESH) rounds in addition to armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding-sabot rounds. The Challenger 2 is also armed with a L94A1 EX-34 7.62 mm chain gun and a 7.62 mm L37A2 (GPMG) machine gun. Fifty eight main armament rounds and 4,200 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition are carried.


-3D Model full detailed.
-Texture HD
-Custom COL
-Realistic dimension
-Working all turret
-2 Skins (Desert si most realistic and Green)

                     Enfield L85A2

The SA80 (Small Arms for the 1980s) is a British family of 5.56×45mm NATO small arms. It is a selective fire, gas-operated assault rifle. Mechanically, it has been derived from the Armalite AR-18, which had been manufactured under licence in the UK by Sterling Armaments Company. The first prototypes were tried in 1976, and production ended in 1994. It is due to remain in service until 2025.


-3D Model high detailed
-Texture HQ
-Custom Icon

INSAS (an abbreviation of Indian Small Arms System) is a family of infantry arms consisting of an assault rifle and a light machine gun (LMG). It is manufactured by the Ordnance Factories Board at Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli, Small Arms Factory Kanpur and Ichapore Arsenal. The INSAS assault rifle is the standard infantry weapon of the Indian Armed Forces. It has been reportedly plagued by reliability problems.


-3D Model detailed
-Texture HQ
-Custom Icon