Tuesday, 8 September 2015

News September

Hello everyone.
Today we bring you the news about the mods that are still in Work in Progress. Let's start first of all by Panhard CoD Black Ops 2. The project not yet completed due to some bugs in the vehicle. I think next week I can convert it and publish it.

He spoke highly of the submarine that was planning. The model is there but it is not completely finished. The script will not be mine but some modders are developing for me this mod. I leave you a screen that shows him in game:

Therefore the model will be ready to October if all goes well.

Drone Pack
Requesting a big fan of the page. I'm trying to convert various drones to complete the pack. For now I have not found anything interesting, but I think it is always ready for October.

As I announced, new objects that will replicate the artillery guns. Perhaps they will be trailers or simple props. These artillery guns will soon be ready.

Lately I am not converting more weapons to take on with the work mentioned above. However, I have on file a beautiful AK-47A1 to convert. I hope to take him soon on the blog because it's really interesting.

That's all the news that will be published every month to inform future projects and work I'm converting. Remember to follow me on Google+ and follow the blog by clicking the button at the top right to not miss the news of Battle-Zone

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