Thursday, 29 September 2016

[NEWS] Stealth Industries High Level Military Tecnology

There is an ongoing collaboration with the Stealth Industries. A group of guys who is affiliated to the Battlezone, for the creation of independent vehicles from the famous military industries.

The first project is to create a revolutionary APC. The project called in place is YRS-1. It will be equipped with cutting-edge technologies. It is primarily designed to operate in any weather condition, weather and morphological.

The technique of the vehicle based on a 8x8 rotated, with the possibility amphibious, night and infrared sensors. It equipped with a turret with a 105mm gun as the initial project. A second computer tower, which will provide support from an external machine gun. Ability to engage each vehicle.

The structure is very similar to the KTO Rosomak, with many additional variations. The vehicle is currently in the process of 3D design, without first testing. The Battlezone joins the Stealth to create new high-level military prototypes.

Further updates will be given in the appropriate section.

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