Thursday, 27 October 2016

[REL] APCMV RS-1 Predator

Finally, the RS-1 Predator, is shown for the first time. Today this post marks a great day thanks to the collaboration of the Stealth Industries who has worked with me to make this very special vehicle.
Of course, thanks also goes to Automan who helped us in this project.

The RS-1 Predator is a APCMV (Armored Personal Carrier Modular Vehicle) 8x8 feature multirole military conception, produced by Stealth Industries.

The main function of APCMV is given by a tower with main function to bring down armored vehicles with protective sibling or higher, using functions such as sensors and Night Infrared, such type of engagement. Different from high APC or IFV, The RS-1 is capable of providing fire support or direct attack. Thanks to a sophisticated 20mm HE. It has an excellent protection against enemy fire and anti-tank mines and explosives as much as 10 kilograms of TNT. This APCMV is equipped with a great mobility in any soil.  Thanks to the hydraulic configuration that allows it to continue even in the absence of wheels and axles that support it.

Functionality of the  25mm HE cannon.

The RS-1 is armed with the latest generation of cannon, cutting edge. Thanks to the pointing sensor. you can hit vehicles from long distances. The excellent aims created the vehicle makes its efficient shots, with precise aims.

Amphibious capabilities.

The RS-1 is designed to operate in soils with the presence of rivers or lakes, it is also possible to wade into the sea to the descent from hovercraft carrying vehicles.

The thermal and night vision goggles, are given a kit RS-1 so that it can operate in any type of terrain.

Authors: Battlezone Mod- Stealth Industries-Automan


-3D Model Excellent
-Texture HD
-Working 8 Wheels (Thanks Automan)
-Working Cannon
-Custom COL
-Working Light
-Custom Handling
-New functions (Thermal Vision - Night Vision - Amphibian)

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