Friday, 8 April 2016


Hi guys. After so long my internet connection is back. Well apparte this, here are some things to come on my blog:


The 3D model is ready, I have to finish some things that will complete. It is a request made by a dear friend who always follows my blog.

New weapons arriving:
There will be news of weapons, custom with various objects and much more.

New vehicles:
I'm working on other variants of Ratel with 2 other types of guns, soon, new vehicles and new conversions from several famous titles.

Very likely we are committed to convert some skins for GTA. I try to better learn the tutorial for this kind of hack. I have many ideas about skin very special.


has in place a very special more change of the famous P-996 Lazer GTA V will come in different versions. Also new skins for many modern fighters with spectacular functions.

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