Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Project

Hello guys. Lately I have not enough time to devote to the mod. I am in the middle of maturity and on the verge of graduation, so the studies lead me away long.
Meanwhile, here is the news that will come on the blog:

The first project concerns the inventory of a Spetsnaz soldier. The pack will include all the weapons that he has so very faithful to reality.

A Type-74 required but Meknev, a very dear fan who follows me a lot. This is a request for him. I must say it is very attractive as a wagon. I will as soon as possible to publish it.

Let's move on to the boats. I'm thinking of converting some of them even though they are still not quite sure. There are few interesting military boats. But soon they will come the news.

Will soon be new innovations, including:

New Military vehicles
New Helicopter

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